The History of Appleton Marine

The Beginning 1972

The Beginning

Originally formed as a division of Appleton Machine Company in 1972…

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Employee Owned 1987

Employee Owned

Broke away from Parent company and became employee owned…   

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API-2C 1987


Became API-2C Certified and Licensed to apply the API Monogram

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Built Winch Test Tower 1988

Built Winch Test Tower

250,000 lbs capacity with certified test weights

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1st Expansion 1994

First Expansion

First Expansion – Increased Production Facility by 150%


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ISO 9001 1998

ISO 9001

Became ISO 9001 Certified

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2nd Expansion 2000

 Second Expansion

Second Expansion – Production and Office Facilities Doubled in size

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Built 2nd Test Stand 2007

Built Second Test Stand

Crane Test Platform #2 – 25 million ft-lbs capacity and side load fixture, allowing us to test two cranes at once.

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Appleton Marine Today

Our goal is continual improvement in product quality and customer satisfaction.

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