Marine Cranes & Deck Equipment Products

Appleton Marine is a marine crane manufacturer specializing in marine crane service and repair. We can build any custom crane or specialty crane, including knuckle boom cranes, pedestal cranes, offshore pedestal cranes, marine deck cranes, folding boom cranes, telescoping boom cranes, and straight (box) boom cranes. Contact us for more information.

  • Commercial Shipboard
  • Military Shipboard
  • Platform
  • FPSO
  • Dockside
  • Boat / RHIB / ROV Handling
Crane Selection Guidelines:
  1. Are you looking for a fixed boom, telescopic boom or knuckle boom?
  2. How much do you want to lift?
  3. At what radius must this lift take place?
  4. What is the maximum boom length?
  5. At what speed do you want the load to be raised or lowered?
  6. How is the unit to be powered: electric, diesel, customer provided?
  7. From what location is the unit to be controlled?
  8. Is a regulatory body approval required?
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