Industries Served

Appleton Marine’s “Absolute Quality” approach allows us to serve the most demanding industries including:


Appleton Marine provides a complete line of mining cranes including large gyratory crusher maintenance cranes and cranes for all material handling requirements. We also provide custom hydraulic and electric winches for various mining applications. 

We have the solutions for high altitude applications and the harshest environments. We offer a problem solving approach; not just equipment. If you do not see what you are looking for here, please contact us – we’d be happy to review your ideas, specifications and/or drawings and provide knowledgeable feedback to save you time and money.

SB Crane Mining


In the case where various deck equipment and/or cranes are required, there is time and money to be saved by procuring all the equipment from one source. By using a “turnkey” supplier for various pieces of equipment, redundant systems can be eliminated and a common power source can be utilized. This “turnkey” approach reduces total ownership costs for the life of the equipment realized through service and spare parts. This is in addition to the potential shipping and start-up/commissioning cost savings. Give us a call, we would be happy to offer our time and cost saving suggestions.



With over 35 years of experience manufacturing deck equipment and cranes for the US Government, Appleton Marine knows what it takes to meet the rigorous quality standards of the US Navy’s underway replenishment (UNREP) equipment. Appleton Marine’s “Absolute Quality”policy, precision manufacturing, and professional contract management enable it to continue to meet the U.S. Government’s demanding quality requirements for manufacturing procedures, material control and rigid testing standards.



Appleton Marine designs and manufactures a full line of marine cranes and winches. However, due to the varied needs of the marine market, “standard” cranes often cannot fill specific requirements. In response, through its “Diversified Problem Solving” approach, Appleton Marine routinely adapts and customizes cranes with boom styles, capabilities and available options to meet customers’ exact needs. Appleton Marine has cranes and winches aboard offshore platforms, FSOs, FPSOs and Offshore Vessels all around the globe.


Docks, Dry Docks and Shipyards

Ships and rigs moored at a dock or in a drydock must endure the same unrelenting salt water environment as they do at sea.  Appleton Marine’s shipboard and offshore crane & winch designs are perfect for these applications.  We can design for new foundations or adapt to existing ones, and make the installation seamless.  Give Appleton Marine a call and take advantage of many existing designs we can adapt for your application.  When it comes to cranes and deck equipment near the sea, chances are we can build a solution for you.


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