We are prepared to accommodate and satisfy our customers’ requirements and achieve regulatory agency certifications. We test each piece of gear we manufacture. We have the large crane and winch test facilities, the certified test weights and the calibrated test equipment required to get the job done. Custom test fixtures, jigs and systems are commonplace.

Winch Testing

Simulating the most challenging shipboard working conditions, Appleton Marine tests all winch functions and capabilities to the limits of their design specifications. A Test Procedure and Acceptance Report is supplied with each winch, verifying the performance and overload levels measured.

Winches are tested for loads up to 250,000 lbs using Appleton Marine’s winch test tower and certified test weights.

Winches are tested for loads in excess of 550 tons utilizing banks of hydraulic cylinders and calibrated load monitoring with Appleton Marine’s winch test frame.

Crane Testing

Every Appleton Marine crane is pushed to the limits of its design specifications to comply with customers’ most rigid testing standards. Performance, overload levels, and the crane monitoring system outputs attained during testing are verified utilizing certified test weights and documented on a Test Procedure and Acceptance Report supplied with each crane.

Appleton Marine’s list simulating test platform can test cranes to 10 million ft-lbs overturning moment and simulate a permanent list of 15 degrees (5 degrees list shown here). This test stand can accommodate multiple cranes testing simultaneously.

In 2007 Appleton Marine added a second, high capacity test stand which is capable of testing cranes to 25 million ft-lbs overturning moment and side load capabilities to satisfy all customer requirements.

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